There is no other more poignant or powerful influence on our modern behaviors than by food. Through our familial culture, our spiritual culture, and our ever evolving societal culture, we engage in the ancient story of food. And within ourselves, we can create our own personal culture of nourishment.

Every meal is a new opportunity to experience joy, to have an orgasmic experience of life. The unique pleasure of satisfaction when what is cooked meets the demand of desire. The moment the brain registers love. The moment the body remembers it’s connection to the cosmos. The moment we become the embodiment of pleasure—to be getting high on your own supply through deep nourishment and culinary ritual. This is The Way of Food.


Food lives inside of poetry, psyche, relationship, the forces of humanity, and every creation story ever told.

From the annals of a simple potato, one can unpack war, famine, economic growth, human health, and the infinite bonds created over french fries. And the same with an apple, a grain of rice, or a fresh-caught trout. Even a piece of toast can be an elevated experience, if we pay enough attention.

Seeing what’s underneath and behind our food is a way of centering ourselves in the deeper meaning of everyday activities. This is The Way of Food.


Food becomes the base note of which we align our lives...our feasting rituals, our pace of eating, how we come home to it. Food has the ability to cure, to uplift, to enlighten, to be joyful. It also has the ability to do the opposite. It can be a great healing tool. Or it can be something we are deadened to, if we don’t head its power.

Modern food trends rarely give us what our bodies are actually asking for. The old way of food honors the medicinal potentiality of every meal—Chinese, Ayurvedic, Egyptian and others. These traditions have passed on alimentary wisdom for thousands of years, enlightening us to the potent healing properties of certain foods...mushrooms, roots, bones, herbs, tonics, seeds, wild greens, the electricity of vegetables fresh off the vine.

One of the most powerful choices we can make in this life is to build our own practice of nourishment, and to create a good, wholesome relationship with food as our deepest medicine. This is The Way of Food.