"I work this magic to help people find a whole new way to be with food."    
- Chef Heather Umlah


Experience the profound awakening of what it is to nourish the self. Discover what your own individuated pathway of wellbeing looks like. Explore the anatomy of eating through the lens of food culture, energetics and wellness. Learn how to forage in the markets for the best seasonal produce and understand which vegetables contain the most food medicine. Look at your relationship with food in regards to enlightenment. 

Through inquiry, meditation, cooking, lecture, asana, and conscious discussion, Chef Heather Umlah illuminates the personal practice of nourishment as a pathway to freedom. 

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One-On-One Classes

Ready to evolve to the next level of culinary craftsmanship? High time to up your dinner party game? Want to learn how to heal yourself and your family through food? Eating healthy but bored out of your mind? 

Whatever the rub, unstick whatever's been stuck in your life around food through a one-on-one cooking class with Chef Heather Umlah. Together we can revolutionize your root vegetables, make the best kale salad you’ve ever had in your life, and prepare fresh, seasonal dishes that will rock the socks off your lover, family, friends and most importantly you

A One-On-One Cooking Immersion with Heather includes:

  • A consultation about your health and your vision of healing with food

  • Co-designing a healthy, revitalizing, cleansing, raw, cancer-fighting, Ayurvedic, Paleo, or Macrobiotic menu

  • Shopping for the best ingredients

  • Cooking in your home

Available in London and The Cotswolds. Schedule your one-on-one here.

*This cooking immersion makes an incredible wedding gift for a new bride or groom!