"When it comes to pop-ups, I'm game for anything. Except boats. I don't do boats."—Chef Heather Umlah

Inside or outside, a palace, a prison, literally any environment can be transformed into a exceptional space for a pop-up dinner. Chef Heather Umlah has crafted exceptional culinary journeys amidst a blackout in a Georgian manor, on the edge of a cliff, out of a butler’s kitchen in a storied Newport mansion, in a 1700s barn, and (quite literally) inside the shoe closet of Jimmy Choo. And that is just the beginning.

Curious? Inquire with Heather for your next pop-up. 

Enlightenment Cafe

Chef Umlah's signature pop-up is designed to elevate diners' consciousness. This celebratory thematic evening of seasonally aligned food is a communal experience of best-in-class dining. It is the ideal before and after for yoga retreats, wellness immersions, and spiritual symposiums. 

Get lifted. Arrange for an Enlightenment Cafe in your neck of the woods.

I call it soul food...Heather’s cooking is so delicious, so vital, and so full of love. It’s uplifting.
— Bobbie Breckenridge